Dar Alyousefiah Contracting Co.

Our Journey

It starts when CEMCO was established in 1991 Specializing in Electro-Mechanical Works. Then in 1993, BYCO was established for decoration and general contracting. Later in early 2000 both entities collaborated together with their experiences to form Dar Alyousefiah Contracting that is focusing on 3 main fields as described below with an experience of more than 25 years.
Electromechanichal works
Accomplishing projects as complex as power generation plants and fuel systems to as simple as low current and plumbing works for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects. 
dry walls solutions & decoration works
Providing design and implementation services to satisfy our clients tastes with high-end products and crafted workmanship delivering drywall solutions, partition, ceiling and decoration works meeting the clients demands and above.
building stringhtining
A critical field we are specialized on with few approved consultants to provide efficient building strengthening solutions according to the international standards by reinforcing, treating, steel structural provision and way more feasible options depending on the project aspects.
  1. Govermental
  2. Restaurants
  3. banks
  4. others
  5. Industrial
Takhassusi St.
P.O. Box 16190 Riyadh 11464
Saudi Arabia
Tel.:  +966 11 48 000 99
Fax:  +966 11 48 29773